When it comes to insurance unfortunately there is no one single cheapest provider. This means that in order to find the best price you have to do your research.

Don’t bother following the forum-type of advice of gathering numbers from the back of magazines and ringing round insurers. That’s a waste of time.  The key to beating the insurers is to use screenscraping websites to get the most quotes in the shortest time.

Gocompare – retrieves quotes from up to 36 different brokers
The Bike Insurer – fetches quotes from 42 brokers and 2 direct insurers
Money Supermarket – searches 31 brokers and 1 direct insurer
Comapre the Market – searches over 25 brokers

Best of the rest

Not all brokers and insurers are represented by the sites above. For a full belt and braces approach it’s worth checking direct with the following:

Aviva (only available via phone – best suited to experienced riders)
Carole Nash

Of course there are many more smaller brokers and insurers, but in obtaining quotes from the sites above you can cover over 95% of the market in under 30 mintues.

I’ve found the cheapest quote now what do I do?

Once you’ve found the cheapest quote, double check the policy and ensure that it offers the right amount of cover, particularly if you want to be able to ride other bikes.

Additionally it’s important that you check the your details as many insurance companies make assumptions about your history and personal details.

Save even more with cashback

Once you’ve found a policy that you’re happy with don’t buy it just yet. Check to see if you could earn cash back first. If your search returned a few quotes at a similar price, then cashback could make all the difference. See here for the top cashback websites. Brokers like Bennets and Swinton often offer up £30 cash back which could make all the difference when looking to reduce your motorcycle insurance costs.

Information provided by: moneysavinganswers.com