You must take theory test before can take the motorcycle practice test. When you are ready to take your theory test you can book it online on the website. The test costs £31 and is taken a your local test centre.

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What can I expect on the day?

Find out what to expect on test day with the DVSA’s guide to the theory test.

Tip: Make sure that arrive early for your test and that bring along with you your photocard provisional licence and the paper counterpart.

The multiple choice test

The multiple choice test lasts 57 minutes. You’ll be asked 50 questions based on the Highway Code, Riding – Essential Skills, and the Know Your Traffic Signs publications. You need to score a minimum of 43 out of 50 to pass this part of the test.

Before you being the test you’ll be given a 15 minute practice session to familiarise yourself with the format of the test.

The multiple choice questions appear on the computer screen and you’ll use the mouse to select the correct answer(s). Some questions require multiple answers, and they’ll also be case-study or scenarios that require you to answer five questions on the topic in question.

You’ll be notified via an on screen message if you don’t choose enough answers for a question. Additionally, you can flag any questions that you aren’t sure about and revisit them later.

The harazrd perception test

The hazard perception test begins after you’ve completed the multiple choice part though you can opt for a three minute break if required.

Once you enter the hazard perception part of the test you’ll be shown a short video demonstrating how the test works.

You need to click the mouse or touch the screen (if touchscreen), every time you see a developing hazard. Each developing hazard carries a maximum of 5 points. The earlier you respond to the hazard the more points you will earn.

You need to score a minimum of 43 from a possible 75 to pass the test. There are 14 video clips, so bear in mind that one of the video contains two developing hazards.

Be aware that if while you won’t lose points for clicking before a hazard develops, you won’t gain any either, and excessive clicking or suspicious behaviour will result in an on screen warning and you’ll not be awarded any points for that film.

Good luck!

Getting your results – Did you pass?

Your results are available almost immediately after the test. If you passed you’ll be given a letter containing your pass certificate number. You’ll need this when booking your practical test so be sure to keep it safe.

If you do happen to lose it, you can retrieve your lost certificate number online.

Your theory test is valid for two years. If you do not take and pass your practical test in this time, your pass certificate number will expire and you’ll have to retake the test.

If you failed the test you’ll need to wait three working days before you can retake it. Use this time to revise and focus on your weaker areas.

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