Riding a motorcycle is a fantastic thrill. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get from being open to the elements and able to travel wherever and whenever you want.

Before looking for that new CBR125 or RS4-125 replica you should already know how to ride. Learning to ride a motorcycle is different process to learning to drive.  Your age, along with the type of motorcycle that you want to ride, and the sort of licence you already hold (if you hold one), all play a part in determining your route to gaining a full motorcycle licence.

Getting started

There are four different motorcycle licence types. The licence types available to you depend on your age.

There are also additional requirements before you can ride:

  • You need a valid British or Northern Irish provisional licence. You can apply for one here.
  • You must fulfill the eyesight requirements for driving/riding. Namely being able to read a vehicle number plate from 20 meters away (with glasses or contacts if needed). (https://www.gov.uk/driving-eyesight-rules)
  • You need to ensure that the motorcycle you’re riding is roadworthy, and is taxed and insured.
  • If riding on a provisional licence you must also display front and rear L plates until you’ve passed your practical test.

Next steps