motorcycle test rules set to change

DSA announces further changes to motorcycle test rules

The motorcycle test rules are set to change yet again as the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has confirmed the new minimum engine requirement for the A2 test. The change from 25kW (33.5bhp) to 20kW (26.8bhp) was suppose to come into effect from 31st December 2013, but it's still to be implemented.

Additional changes have also been announced to come into effect in from 2018. These include an increase in the minimum engine power requirement for large motorcycles from 40Kw (53.6bhp) to 50kW (67bhp), and a new minimum weight requirement of 180kg.

Whilst the news rules will have little impact those learning to ride, they will have a affect on the training schools, many of which will need to replace their bike fleet to comply to with the new power and weight requirements.

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