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EU to simplify toll payment system

The EU has unveiled new plans to simplify Europe's toll systems with the use of a new tagging system.

Those of use that like to ride our motorcycles abroad are all too familar with the toll booths of the French Autoroute, Italian Autostrada, and Spainish Autovías. Having to pull up at the barrier, stumble around to find your ticket only and your wallet, only to descover that you can't get at them without taking your gloves off, is something of a pain to say the least.

Under the proposed new system, riders would carry an RFID chip in their pocket or tank bag that would linked to a pre-pay, or post-pay account, removing the need to pay tolls with cash or cards.

A number of European countries already operate this type of system but non of the systems i use are compatible with each other. The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) is planning to run a two year trial of a new system, allowing riders to use a single payment method across Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Poland. If goes well during the two year polit, the system will rolled out across the continent.

Easier to pay, easier to charge

While the proposed new system should help improve delays at toll booths and make life easier for motorcyclistis and other drives alike not everyone is welcoming the news. Critics are concerend that it could lead to an increase in toll roads accross the EU, and even lead to charges on current UK toll roads such as the Dartford crossing, which is currently free for motorcycles.

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